Lykan HyperSport Jump Skyscrapers in ‘Furious 7′




Excellent. The new Furious 7 trailer debuted extremely early in this Patriots/Seahawks game, so we can go back to watching Tokyo Drift and trying to figure out how to build our own version of Bow Wow’s Hulk car. Kidding (about not watching the Super Bowl).

The new minute-long footage shows that Paul Walker‘s final Fast and Furious movie is going to be more of the same. More of the same explosions, more of the same jumping punches, more of the same flying cars, and more of the same brilliant Rock one-liners. The biggest difference is that Jason Statham joins the cast as Shaw’s malicious brother.  Considering the fact that part of the movie takes place in Dubai, the cast of cars should be the best yet. Courtesy